Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Triathlon Bulges

The gear triathletes wear is made for enjoying the male anatomy.  The standard skin suit is like a second skin conforming to a male's body.  The way the skin suit clings to the form can be a site to see and when the guys come out of the water or are dripping with sweat-- wow the views get even better!
I enjoy participating in triathlons myself, so the sample photos below are typical sites I get to enjoy at every race I attend.  If you never have been to one yourself, I would highly recommend being a spectator and cheering on the hot triathletes as their amazing bodies and bulges go by you.  And if you can't get a full view as the swim, bike or run by you-- just wait until the race is over... everyone lingers afterwards for food, drink, awards and you can enjoy the views of many Gear Bulges.

Love how the wet fabric vaccum sealed the bulge

WOW is that and ASS or what!!??

Sexy triathletes for days

Prefer the ones that are not wearing a speedo underneath!

Sexy in Black, Bulge in Green

Think the specators can't believe the bulge the just saw

Pointing Upward- NICE

Bulges in Green

Team Bulge

Wet Big Balls / Bulge

Nice Head definition

Slipping on the Skin Suit in Public- Priceless!

Ohpps  not sure if the big Bulge will fit in the suit

Another vaccum sealed Bulge! HOT!

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