Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cyclist's Bulges

I am a road cyclist so I enjoy viewing the bulges that appear in the skin tight, spandex/lycra gear we cyclist wear.  Some guys position their package down towards the seating padding, so you don't get much bulge definition...... BUT many wear their cock up or to the left or right- wow that is when you get a great view! Even better when the cycling kit's material is so nice and thin you get to see head definition- getting to see if the guy is cut or uncut, viens, ball definition....  wow that is so hot to see...  especially in person.   And you have hit the jack pot when a guy can't help himself and pops a hard on when wearing this gear--no hiding that in spandex/lycra! I have enjoyed seeing that first hand-- once I was in line at a counter service restaurant when a cyclist came in and was in line behind me.  He was wearing is package up and to the side -- pointing at me!  I immediately started to cruise and stare at his package--  I soon was rewarded for my interest---  he turned out to be an exhibitionist-- because his cock started to grow right before my eyes-- I watched it snake towards me getting bigger by the moment. I was wearing shorts, cock ring and no underwear (bit of an exhibitionist myself) well of course his show had me getting hard too-- I could barely contain my package within my shorts-- that's when he smiled.  Thank goodness the food service was slow so we could stand at the counter side by side viewing each others raging hard ons.  We soon got our food and ened up sitting at tables across from one another-- we continued to provide the "hard on show" for each other as we eat our meals.  After the meal-- we hooked up for some private fun but that's another story!

Is he trying to hide a raging hardon?
Nice Grabbing the Package!

Wow impressive Package.

Pointing up- NICE

Sexy..Pointing Up and to the Right

Sweet- Wet and Transparent with Sweat!

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