Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bluging Blue Aussiebums!

The original Aussiebum suits are made from 100 % nylon, although the fabric spandex/lycra is one of my personal favoites for its skin tight clinging aspects, nylon gear can showcase some nice forms.  And get the gear wet and things really heat up.  Even when the front liner is left in the suit (I prefer to remove it) the suit can get semi transparent-- great for those of you who are exhibitionists! I like that you can leave the drawstring loose in the suit and the fabric can form a "banana hammock"  which provides a lot of movement when positioning your cock horizontally when you walk down the beach or around the pool.  The Aussiebum logo (an option) running across the ass is hot on a nice firm butt.  Check them  out....  and check these hot guys in their bulging blue aussiebums.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

White Compression Shorts!

White compression shorts and white spandex/lycra shorts are very sexy looking on the male form. Although probably meant to be worn under the other clothing / gear to be "supportive" I really appreciate a guy who is bold enough to wear them solo.  White shorts don't hide what black shorts can.... every curve and shape is defined in white.  Butts, balls, cock heads, veins pulse through the white gear.