Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bulging in G-Strings, Thongs or Shaft Suits

Whether it is a G-Strings, Thongs or Shaft Suits-- love how these types of gear envelopes the male form showcasing every curve.   Love how the cock, cock head and balls are on full display...  fun to watch a guy walk around in this gear...  having his package sway from side the side.   Add some cock rings, head rings, ball rings and things just heat up more! And it gets better when a cock starts to get hard in this tiny gear-- stretching and straining the fabric to the max...  and often these types of skimpy gear can not contain the growing monster and that cock just has to pop out past the gear-- for a mouth watering event! Enjoy this hot guys bulging in their G-Strings, Thongs or Shaft Suits!!