Sunday, January 30, 2011

White Gear Wet

A sexy guy in some wet gear can be very hot to view. But put him in some white gear and let him get wet in the shower, pool, river, lake or ocean and it gets even better.  As he gets out of the pool or ocean, you get to see to what level of transparency his white gear goes.  The combination of how the water vaccum seals around his package and the transparency-- wow that gets me going everytime.  A guy that wears a white speedo, shorts, or other gear to swim in... is sending a message that he likes to show off-- because you know that white gear is going to show his package to some level.  Enjoy these guys showing off their impressive bodies and packages --in WET WHITE GEAR!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cycling Bulges in White

Cycling kits defined the male body. In white spandex/lycra, they showcase the body in every detail. Here is a collection of bulging bodies in white cycling kits. Love how these guys display their well built forms. No matter how they wear their bulges-- they look sexy.  Enjoy!