Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jockstraps on Display

I think jockstraps on display are so incredibly sexy.  Those straps lines running across a firm man's butt are so hot looking, drawing your attention to a guy's sweet ass!  The only reason I would watch American Football is to see those football players bend over and expose those jockstrap lines across those bubble butts!  But now these days more and more football players wear compression shorts --- so that jockstrap view is starting to disappear.  Just as Swimmers replaced the speedo brief with jammers change is not always a good thing--  oh I wish these sports clung to the original athletic gear-- I am definitely old school in these two gear categories!
Although these photos highlight tight lycra/spandex with jockstraps visible underneath, I rate a guy wearing a jockstrap under some soccer shorts or side split nylon running shorts in the same hot category.  Love when a guy bends over in these shorts and you get glimpse of his jockstrap lines, or see a guy running and the split side shorts flap up and down, providing flashes of his jock.  I have often had to turn my vehicle around and make another drive by to see that jockstrap exposed runner on display!
Enjoy these photos...I hope they RAISE your interests... I know they do for me!

Mesh Football Training Tights- wow they should play in these all the time!

Nice and Sheer

Wet with Sweat and Transparent- HOT!

White Shiny Lycra Shorts, A jockstrap and Hot Runner bending over--does not get much better than this

This guy is off the chart in Hotness

Bending over and Sheer

So sheer and Sooooo Sexy

Skins Commpression Short + Jockstrap + Sexy Guy = HOT

Lycra Shorts and Jockstrap- Side View with Bulging Package on Display

Black Jockstrap on Display!

Now this is what I want to see a runner wearing on the trails

Very Hot View at the Gym

Sheer White Tights + Black Jockstrap + Bubble Butt on Muscle Stud = Perfection

Jockstrap, Skins Tights and hot butt- so Sexy

White Under Armour Gear, Jockstrap and A Hot Guy = A+++

White Jockstrap and Hot Butt

Black Jockstrap and Hot Butt