Monday, December 20, 2010

Bulging in Jockstraps

As I have said before-- I love jockstraps!  The site of a hot guy in a jockstrap standing in a locker room-- is so sexy.  There is a couple guys at my gym who have big time jockstrap fetishes-- everytime I see them in the locker room changing they have a different jockstrap on-- I always enjoy the fashion show they put on for me. The form of the pouch highlighting a nice full bulge and the straps that run across a man's ass-- so HOT!   My other post on jockstraps was how the jockstrap showed through another piece of gear-- in this collection the jockstrap is totally exposed.  So you can enjoy the views of the bulge--  a few are sheer so you can get a good look of pubes, cock and balls. Enjoy.  My next post will feature men in pantyhose.

Love the defined cock head

Bold straps on a hot ass

MEGA Bulging jockstrap buddies

Thin straps across a bubble butt

Old style jockstrap on a Stud

Hard on +  Jockstrap + Leather = HOT

Bulging in Mesh

WOW a Full Pouch

I'll stuff some bills there

Game show host attire- sweet

Barely can contain

Monster cock escapes

Sheer and smooth

HOT Jockstrap couple

Jockstrap and sexy tan line

Growing beyond compacity

Love sheer

Sweet Ass

Great travel attire

A Jacket and Jockstrap- all you need

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