Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bulging In Body Suits

Full body suits encase everything, showing off every curve.  Here is a mixture of photos featuring sexy guys in body suits in spandex / lycra, rubber, neoprene.  Often the attire of super heros, the body suit allows a hot super hero guy to capture the bad guy and do with him what he pleases!  Taking the body suit one step further--  where the entire body in encased-- you have the Zentai Suit but we will save featuring that for another day.  Enjoy these hot guys bulging in their body suits.

A Super Hero

He has been SLIMED!

Body Suit + Leather = HOT

Sexy Bulging White Body Suit

Cycling in Red

Great Car wash Attire

He will glide thru the pool

Sweet- built in pouch

Bulging and waiting for the train

Grab that ASS

Bulging in Silver

Clear Rubber- MEGA HOT

Sheer Body Suit- Priceless

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