Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Aussiebum Bulges!

The Australian brand - Aussiebum makes some pretty hot looking "speedo" type suits.  Instead of a lycra / spandex blend of fabric (one of my favorites) they are mainly made of 100% nylon.  This fabric gives a different feel fron the suoper clinging lycra-- but definitely fun to wear.  Your package can sit in these suits in more of a moving bulge sack-  leave the draw string loose and you can get a lot of movement to your package as you walk down the beach or around the pool to get noticed! I love the fact that many of the solid color suits get pretty to totally transaprent when wet. This makes for some great cruising looks as you get out of the pool or ocean. If you only have lycra/spandex speedos, I recommend trying a nylon suit for a different feel and look.  Check out these guys sporting some major bulges in their Aussiebum suits.

Hot Beach Stud


A Red Christmas Package- Ready to be Opened

Sexy Beach Stud


Rescue Me

Pull it down a little more

mmm  Liner Removed?  Love It!

What I want to see at the beach

Semi Transparent

Locker room stud

Sweet Bum

Too big to contain

Throbbing in White

The Monster Escaped


Perky Package

Surfs UP

Packages UP

WET and Transparent- HOT

A view I want to see pool side

Don't think the HUGE cock can be contained

WET + WHITE = Provocative

Love this look- Makes me Horny

Bath tub Fun

Shower Fun- Love the head

Testing the Transparency Level

Stud Relaxing

Hell Yes- Get It WET

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