Saturday, October 6, 2012

Football Player's Jockstraps on Display

It is football season... nothing hotter that viewing those jockstraps through the pants.  Love when the straps are on display running across a nice firm tight footballer's ass. Love when they get nice and sweaty and the straps really show off- HOT!


  1. Ohhhhh, yes... these players know their tight, round butts are on display in these sheer, tight uniform pants, with their sexy jocks framing their hot, oh so fuckable asses. They're really trampy, cock-teasing sluts that need a totally hard and brutal fucking up those wanton, greedy mancunts.

    1. Fucking white bois showing us their pale butts framed by jock straps. They deserve and need huge black cocks rammed up their cunts until they scream in agony and lust as they cream their jock pouches. Then they need to have another black cock take them, then another. Stud white bois dressed like this deserve and crave BBC up their wanton pussy.

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  4. the problem with the total see thru uniform pants. is there are alot of young guys watching close the games. seeing the bros butts jocks and straps gets them to start thinking and asking all them sex questions. i got two sons 9 & 11yrso. when they seen the players butts and jockstraps it got them thinkn than askin them sex questions. how big is their penis gunna grow. how the mans gits his erect penid up inside the girls vagina. what does it feel like when semen ropes out your erection. how it looks when a man jacalates his nutt load. they keep askin hasslin me all during the game then the whole way home in the if the uniform pants werent so clear to see the players neked bodies. the boys wouldnt keep thinkn on the length of their penis hard or how it feels yo nutt their load. or penetrate up in a girls vagina. that would really help some us dads out on puberty talks.

  5. didnt help either when a couple times a player was hard. of it was when the kid had his binoculars. that got him askin how big his penis grow and if it will be long as the players was. then askin how many inches mine is hard an ifin he could watch my sperms come out. worse yet all his think hard on sex and puberty and intercorse got him makin precum already. whole way home he kept askin why his boner and underwear were all wet and sticky. just get decent thicker uniform pants and save a dad a real emberessin talk about mans body and sexn hard on females. damn.