Friday, July 6, 2012

A Hot Exhibitionist

This guy is one of my favorite exhibitionist... I love how he packs his throbbing hard cock and balls in some tight lycra  / spandex tights and hit the trails-- I would love to come across him on one of his walks / runs on the trails... here is what he had to say as he shared this hot video with me...

"Last year I expanded my horizons when I discovered my love of exibitionism and my love of Spandex. While I get off on the physical feeling of the spandex rubbing up and down my cock as I walk. The exibitionist side of my hikes are the knowledge that however hard I am is what shows and there is ABSOLUTELY no hiding it. That EXACT feeling is what makes me harder and the perpetual loop is formed. The thought that around the next bend in the trail could be a jogger, Mountain biker, or......YOU!!! Sheer Bliss."


  1. how good is that video footage of walking on the trail in lycra with a hard on. I do the same but i go running along the river where there is hundreds of young women joggin every morning and I get heaps of comments, laughs, shrieks, whistles, so amny appreciative girls especially the college ones . I just love going out in public to as many peoople as possible and have them do a double take if they imagined that I had a hard on or not sure if I was see thru or not, then often come back for a 2nd look, I love to get hard and have a cock ring on and nothing under and stretched to the max you can see everything.

  2. I do the same but on smaller scale. I hike on trail and meat women/girls. Many stop and talk to me. my cock is long and hard, throbbing. they have dogs and so do I. there is a certain line I can't cross. But showing off is not one of them. As long as the pink does not show, everything else can, meaning all the bulges i want! I like to make it twitch a little we we chat. they do a double take. As if to think damn, I thought it was hard and excited, but what control he has, making it twitch and throb just as she looks

  3. I always wear my BunnG with ball stretcher under my spandex.. this insures a throbbing hard cock and balls. Like the guy in the video says forms a endless loop of Hard anticipation over who going to see my cock next and remember it forever!!!

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