Saturday, April 23, 2011

Triathlon Bulges- Skinsuits

Man....  I can't get enough of tri guys and their skinsuits. How about you? I enjoy participating in tris but also love to be a spectator too-- love to see the guys come out of the water after the swim with that skinsuit clinging to a tight body and bulge.  Or seeing them on the run all wet with sweat-- love when the skinsuits are colors that get semi see thru when wet!  Enjoy these hot guys. PLEASE leave comments on photo groups--Let me know what kind of gear photos you would like to see!  Enjoy!


  1. the CZE bloke pic is amazing. you know he's packing a big fucking cock, all hanging, bulged on the left side. love it! so hot!

  2. Yes that guy is hot as hell and has a HUGE package!