Monday, January 17, 2011

White Lycra Running Tight Bulges

Running tights are the perfect gear to slip on and go running in the colder months. White running tights are the perfect gear to slip on to show off your bulge and butt when running or even walking around outdoors. Even better slip on a cock ring before you slip on those tights and your bulge will be out there for all to enjoy.  These guys have slipped on their white lycra / spandex running tights (and maybe a c ring too) and are ready to be admired.  One of my most favorite photos of a guy in gear is the first photo-- "Mr. DC" is sexy as hell proudly displaying a nice thick cock and balls in his white running tights in front of the Washington Capital Building. WOW  I would have loved to have "run" into this guy on that day-- or any day for that matter! In the second photo, he is stretching before his run.  Enjoy all these guys in their white bulging tights, whether they make it outdoors for a run or not-- they are all looking very sexy.