Saturday, November 19, 2011

Love what this guy had to say about showing off!

When an athletic male puts on revealing lycra tights (with a stretchy thong or nothing at all underneath) he can't help feeling hyper-masculine, erotic and sexualized as he senses others checking out his body in the clinging spandex. I feel so sexy and good, with my body gripped so closely by tactile fabrics stretching, surrounding and encasing my balls, ass, legs and cock so explicitly. I like to hike around parks in erotic, bulging spandex gear, letting everyone check out my hot ass and huge package. I show off in the park in thin, stretchy, revealing, black underarmour tights, I look startlingly and overtly sexual -- handsome, strong, exotic, macho and dangerous -, provocatively exposing my hard, curving ass, thinly veiled in the light-weight spandex tights. I’m openly, flagrantly erect - flaunting through my tights the bulging, fruit-like genitals, heroically cantilevered, cockringed and uplifted. It feels good, and it looks good. I check out my reflection in car windows as i head for the trails. The hard, curving, long shaft of my cock bulging beautifully and rudely through the thin, revealing lycra . I love to create this real-life fantasy in public. I look almost naked from the waist down, the tights are molded to my body and tightly bound. I’m in a kind of autoerotic bondage, while moving freely and luxuriantly - exquisitely aware of how each curve and crevice of my lower body is delineated and carressed by the tensile, shining fabric. My ass cheeks are forced apart by the tightly bound spandex, my thrusting cock and huge balls are highly sensitive and engorged, forced up and out for worshipful inspection and manipulation. My cock is long and thick, jutting out to one side, suspended underneath the stretched-out spandex in a sheer, swinging hammock. My balls are huge and smooth, my ass is round and hard and I am showing it all off today, if you want to look. I'm feeling macho, sensuous and aggressively horny - obsessed with showing off my endlessly pumped erection and bulging, low-hanging, shaved and cockringed nut sack in skintight, stretched-out lycra. When I go for walks ritualistically presenting the muscular legs, tight, curving ass and bulging, straining lycra package.... I’m self-absorbed, immodest and openly hard. I am macho and mysterious and sexualized and bulging. "What is that guy wearing? You can see his ass crack. How does that work? Dang, is that his cock or his balls hanging down like that? How does he get that fuckin' spandex so high up into his ass like that?” Yeah, it's something different...but you know it feels real good. Girls and guys alike stare at my body through the skin tight lycra. And then they need to look again and again... I often stay hard for hours, delaying my orgasm almost indefinitely while I play with my own huge bulge.

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