Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sheer Pantyhose Bulges

I think sheer Pantyhose (ph) is very sexy on a man.  As long as the look stays away from a feminine feel with lace panties and high heels-- pantyhose on a man can look HOT as hell.  The hose that I like the best is the style that comes totally sheer with no crotch panels.  Here is a collection of some pretty sexy, hot looking guys displaying their bulging cocks, balls and butts in pantyhose. A few of these sexy guys are true exhibitionists showcasing their goods in sheer pantyhose outdoors- Love It!  My next posting will be a tribute to Aussiebum gear. Until then enjoy these bulging gear photos!

A ph stud in the garden

ph + Hard Cock = HOT


White ph so sexy

A real thick cock with cock ring

 A ph cock fight

Sexy- ph layered with thong and sheer tank

A ph Fuck Session- HOT AS HELL

He is waiting for you

One hot Stud in easy access ph

Love the trimmed pubes

ph at the beach

Perfect hiking attire

Sexy in Red ph

Monster cock in green ph

mmm hiding a bit in ph

Hot ass in ph

Full package in ph

Hiking in ph seems to be a growing trend

ph at a Spandex bar party

A Stud Sitting and waiting

Sports & ph

At the lookout in ph

Stretching before a run?

Sexy Outdoor

Hot cock in ph

Driving and touring around in ph

About to cum on ph

Hide and Seek

Sexy in nude ph



  1. These are fucking hot! Love men with hardons wearing see thru tights.

  2. Does anyone know where I can buy a super-stretchy bulge thong like the black one in the first picture

  3. Wow. Love them all!

  4. I love the smooth shaved pubic area and the nicd hard dicks

  5. I'd like to cockfight either of those guys dick duleing.

  6. Who want a to pantyhose cockfight ?

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