Thursday, December 23, 2010

Butts in Gear

I a HUGE fan of a hot guy showing off is bulge in sexy gear-- showcasing his cock, cock head and balls BUT a man with a nice firm rounded BUTT is equally enticing to me.  Just like the bulge being dressed in some gear-- that leaves a little to the imagination-- a guy's butt encased in gear can take me over the edge.  Here are photos of hot butts in lycra running tights, speedos, cycling kits, sheer bikinis, triathlon skinsuit, body suits and jockstraps (OK the jockstrap leaves nothing to the imagination-- but fun LOL). Enjoy.

Perfection- wet clinging speedo butt

Hot butt and legs

Jockstrap outlines a hott ass

Sheer Ass

Lying and waiting

Pull it down baby

Sexy layered

Smooth sheer butt

Spreading it at the beach

Sculpted butt and legs- Ready for a run

Bend over


What I want to view on a ride

Stretching butt perfection

Small but sweet

Bubble butt



Spread them

Painted on

Firm and Rounded

SEXY workout

Up the crack

Mega Butt and Legs

He can help me anytime

Sheer and Sweet

Bubble Perfect


  1. That pic of the bike rider in the see thru tights showing his ass is unbelievably fucking hot!


  2. I am so proud! That firm and round one is me :) :)

  3. sheer and sweet sure looks fuckable!

  4. I Love this, Instant Hard On