Friday, December 3, 2010

HOT Swimmers Bulges

The invention of the Speedo was a special event.  This swim brief should become the "uniform" of all swim athletes.....  it defines the male form over swim jammers or the full body suits.  Love when the guys wear them low riding on their hips.  And of course the suits look the hottest after the swimmer comes out of the water with the spandex/lycra fabric clinging to the butt and bulge.  Here are some of my favorite swimmer speedo bulges....

There is a thick one packing in his speedo

Amazing stud- pointing up

Now thats a MEGA BULGE

Sweet Ass

Missle projecting

Sweet Adjsutment

A hard on to his right?

Pointig Up team


Bulge in White

Head defined

A British Monster

Hard On about to reach waist band?

Now thats and Ass

Head right at the waist band!


  1. The British monster is delicious. I love how what I see is shaved, which lets me imagine that everything else is, too. The best way to be.

  2. I really wanna eat out and rim the lifeguards delectable ass in the red speedo. That ass was made to be eaten, fucked, fisted, etc.