Monday, November 22, 2010

Wrestling Singlet Bulges

There is something very sexy about a wrestler's singlet.  How the singlet places the bulge and butt on display, and exposes the arms, chest, nipples is amazing to behold.  If a guy freeballs (goes without a jockstrap or supportive briefs) in a wrestling singlet-- there is no hiding the shape, contour, veins of his cock, showcasing if he is cut or uncut.  
How wrestlers don't get raging hard ons in all their matches is surprising to me. Yes, I know many of these guys are straight.. but they are usually very young and that's when their raging hormones are thriving..... you would think all that rubbing and grinding of their cocks against anything even another guy would yield a hard cock!
Enjoy these photos!

Sexy Guy in N2N Singlet

He knows how to work it

A little Ass Clinching?

A little lower and your mouth with find the prize!

 2 Sexy Guys in Singlets

The Monster is Bulging in His Singlet

mmm Sweet Wet with Excitement

WOW Impressive Package

It just got better!

A Rower's Singlet Bulge- UP

mmmm The definition of the veins and head

Wanna get my tongue of that cock head

A Huge Cock straining against the Lycra

What is more impressive that huge cock or the 6 Pack?