Sunday, November 28, 2010

White and Wet!

Boy, I love wearing white gear- speedos, cycling gear, running tights, shorts etc.  It is great fun to get the gear wet from swimming or sweating.  And let the gear get semi transparent to TOTALLY TRANSPARENT.  The speedo type suits or thongs in white I buy to swim in-- I either buy the gear that comes with no liner-- single layer fabric is best or removed the modesty panel / liner panel.  I love the looks you get at the beach or pool when you wear white.  The guys watch you as you enter the water  and when you are getting out of the ocean or pool their eyes are on you like a hawk... they are waiting to see IF or HOW MUCH your white suit is going to go transparent.  For me,  I get a rush from this attention.  I love being on display-- you are technically covered by a suit but you are pretty much naked... just a thin layer of transparent fabric between your bulge and the admiring viewers.   So this photo series and videos are honoring the WHITE AND WET GEAR.  Enjoy!
Love how his cock head is defined with the clinging fabric

WET White Aussiebum suit and HARD cock- sweet!
Dancer in WET White Thong- HOT

N2N's Triple X Suit and a Monster Cock

Love N2N Gear- no liner to remove!

Love this Boxer's Attire!

Joe Synder Thong and Hot Bulge

JS Thong and Nice Cock

N2N WET White Ass

WET White Aussiebum-- just wish we could see the front!

WET White Sheer Shorts and Massive Cock

mm Metal Cock Ring- Nice Touch

Get that Thong WET

mmm That HOT Cock can barely be contained


  1. Some of these cocks are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I agree! especially fond of the last pic. I want to pull down his wet briefs so badly!!!


  2. I wish mine was as small as some of these guys , my girl friend has trouble taking me.

  3. Wow, absolutely mouth watering!