Monday, November 22, 2010

Sheer Black Briefs

I find there is something so sexy about sheer underwear, although the package is fully on display, that thin see thru frabric is just a slight veil over the prize tantalizing your eyes.  This sheer underwear definitley lights up the bedroom, building into some serious foreplay with a hot partner.

I enjoy wearing this type of sheer underwear to the gym, I enjoy the looks I get as I strip in the locker room. I purposely linger in the sheer undies to let the guys get a good look. Or after the work out slip on the sheer underwear and go over to the sink to shave or groom.  I am soon joined by a guy at the next sink that seems to do more looking at my sheer package than grooming himself. If he really gets into cruising me, I usually end up with a raging hard on with my hard cock stretching out the sheer frabric to the maximum.  What fun- I love it!

Enjoy these hot guys proudly displaying their manhood in sheer black underwear!

N2N Gear- This Guy Rocks in his Sheer Bikinis

N2N Close up- YUM

N2M Rear View

Joe Synder Briefs- HOT

Perfectly pointing toward us- my tongue is watering

A N2N Brief is packed with a monster cock

N2N Ass- Sweet

Good Evil Brief-- more evil I think

The sheer gear can hardly contain the package!

N2N full package- HOT

Stretching out the sheer with a nice thick one

Fuck- wish I had been at that party!

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  1. love cocks hanging and bulging in sheer. my favourite briefs are black nylon mesh.