Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Freeballing in Gear

Freeballing, or going commando is so hot and sexy to see out in public. Freeballing (going without underwear) allows the man's package to swing freely, showcasing its form.  Although I am a NO. 1 fan of super tight gear that shows a man's package that way lycra/spandex gear does-- I do enjoy freeballing.  In the spring and summer, slip on a nice thick chrome cock ring some loose shorts and head out in public.  Love the weight the cock ring adds to the package, letting the cock and balls swing from side to side in the shorts. I love it when you can clearly see a guy freeballing with the definition of the cock and balls-- a nice cut cock head protruding front and center.  Plus the movement of the guy's package in the gear as he walks or runs towards you.  Love to see a runner freballing with a nice size package- see the cock and balls bouncing in his shorts is boner producing material!  An even better site is catching a guy freeballing, sitting out somewhere in public and getting a view up his shorts, maybe he spreads his legs and is not aware that you can see up his shorts exposing his cock and balls-- SWEET!  Or maybe he is an exhibitionist and is just waiting for someone to notice his full package on display..... then when you do notice and cruise /  stare at his bulge on display from your angle he begins to pop a hard one-- to see that cock snake out and get big right before your eyes-- wow that's fucking hot in my book!

Enjoy these guys on display in public freeballing! Some unaware they are exposing themselves while others fit the "Exhibitionist" title showing off their soft or hard goods on purpose! I want to go to the gyms of the first two guys.


  1. Some nice penises!

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  3. i like the guy in denim shorts and he's eating an apple so hot ... 19th pic one

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